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5 essential eco friendly travel tips

Green, Sustainable, Eco friendly travel is to focus on reducing our carbon footprints as travelers and leaving a positive, not negative, impact on the communities and environments we are lucky to visit.

Holidays are once-in-a-year excuse to plan a trip that is expansive enough to really explore the sights, sounds, and culture you want to experience, but minimal enough to minimize your impact on the environment.

This article will offer you and your Eco companion some simple eco-friendly travel tips to make your next trip a better experience for you and the environment. You can also take an eco-friendly journey by nature, if nature is calling you.

Eco friendly travel tips

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The world is becoming more eco-friendly and more concerned about the environment. Until just recently, people would never think about how the various aspects of their travel can cause more harm than good to the Earth. Now there are plenty of ways to travel the world and escape the effects of modern civilization in an eco-friendly way. Below, we talk about a few tips you can use to optimize your eco-friendly vacation.

1.Destination tips

  • If you couldn’t select a destination that is simple to stroll or bike, look for destinations with good public transportation systems so you can utilize those.
  • Be aware about “overtourism” and keep away from locations in which the local environment and/or communities are overwhelmed through tourists. Stick to sustainable tourism options.
  • Take into account choosing a destination that has an Eco-friendly focus, locations you can focus on shopping local, or places that have volunteer possibilities to provide back to the community you’re staying in.

2.Transportation Tips

  • If you’re flying, try and book non-stop flights. Take-offs and landings create the most carbon emissions, so decreasing those can help lesson your carbon footprint while flying and be a more eco travel journey.
  • When viable, travel by bus, train or ship- these options typically have less carbon emissions than airplanes.
  • Use e-tickets as opposed to printing out paper tickets.
  • Download maps rather than using paper maps or brochures.
  • As soon as you arrive at your vacation spot, stick with public transportation such as buses or subways to lessen carbon emissions.
  • Bear in mind walking or cycling for sustainable travel to your location instead of taking a vehicle. not only are walking and cycling better for the environment, they’re superb ways to see new cities as well!

3.Hotel and Lodging Tips

  • Book hotels which have a LEED Certification. This guarantees that the hotel follows eco-friendly industry standards on sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, and even materials used throughout the resort.
  • Consider leaving your “Do not Disturb” sign up in case you don’t need your sheets and towels washed every single day.
  • Check to see if there’s a recycling program at the hotel so you can recycle while staying at the resort.
  • Bring your own toiletries in reusable bottles to reduce the single use toiletries in plastic packing containers offered by hotels.

4.Dining Tips

  • Pass on the buffet and order a la cart alternatively. Buffets are regarded to be enormously wasteful.
  • Bring your own stainless steel straw to avoid plastic straws.
  • Always bring your own water bottle that may be refilled- this way you can keep away from single use plastic water bottles.
  • seek out restaurants that serve local food rather than food that is shipped in from all over. local “farm to table” restaurants are a terrific option!

5.Touring and Excursion Tips

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  • Whilst booking tours or excursions, search for smaller and privately owned businesses which have an environmental focus.
  • While booking any ocean or marine excursions, in particular check their regulations on protecting marine life and coral reefs.
  • Avoid any and all tours or excursions that exploit animals, which include excursions and tours that offer hands-on animal experiences along with swimming with dolphins or riding elephants.
  • If you want an animal experience that supports animals as opposed to exploiting them, look for tours of animal hospitals or rescue facilities.
  • consider finding a volunteer experience as opposed to an excursion- giving back to the local community is a awesome way to leave a positive and effective footprint!


Creating an environmentally-friendly vacation starts with checking the forecast. Choose a destination with low pollution, plentiful fresh foods, and minimal impact on the natural ecosystem.

Enjoy a low carbon footprint, set an example for others, and lower your risk to the environment with these five simple but effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint when you travel.

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