Music Sampling Meets Recycling: Coca-Cola, Mark Ronson, and Madlib Make Magic with "Recycled Records"

Innovative Collaboration: Coca-Cola, Mark Ronson, and Madlib Fuse Music Sampling and Recycling

In a groundbreaking musical experiment, The Coca-Cola Company has teamed up with celebrated music sampling artists, Mark Ronson and Madlib, to create a unique collection of tracks called “Recycled Records”. The creative duo has used their expertise to chop, loop, and distort recycled sounds, vocals, and ambient noises to produce seven one-of-a-kind tracks that celebrate Sprite, Fresca, and Seagram’s transition from green to clear packaging.

For Ronson and Madlib, sampling is more than just an art form; it’s a way of life. They have transformed unconventional sounds like the beeping of a forklift and the sound of air blown into a plastic bottle into innovative compositions. The result is an imaginative collection of tracks that showcase their creative talents.

To accompany the campaign, a documentary-style short film narrated by critically acclaimed artist and female pioneer of rap, MC Lyte, takes viewers on a journey through the creative process. From sound recordings at recycling facilities nationwide to behind-the-scenes glimpses into the studios of Ronson and Madlib, viewers can discover the connection between the heritage of music sampling and the closed loop recycling process.

Fans can also join in on the magic by taking the “Recycled Records” beat machine for a spin to create their own musical compositions. The interactive digital beat machine features a versatile sound library, giving fans the chance to remix their own compositions used by the two musical legends.

The partnership between Coca-Cola, Mark Ronson, and Madlib is more than just a celebration of music and creativity; it’s also a call to action towards a more sustainable future. While packaging innovation alone won’t solve the plastic waste crisis, collaborations like this activate further steps towards sustainability. With an EP made from sounds taken from the bottle-to-bottle recycling process, this project is one-of-a-kind.