Hidden Threats: Climate Change-Induced Flooding in Unexpected Regions

According to a new study, glaciers are melting, putting the lives of millions around the world in danger of flash flooding. The majority of these people live in India, Pakistan, Peru, and China, where there are many glacial lakes and populations that are vulnerable to climate disasters. Glaciers form over millions of years from compressed snow, but with rising temperatures, they are melting faster than expected, and half of the world’s 215,000 glaciers could disappear by the end of the century.

The study estimates that around 15 million people live downstream of a glacial lake that could burst, and predicting when this will occur is difficult. Glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) often happen with little warning, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. This study, led by Caroline Taylor of Newcastle University, UK, assesses the global risk posed by glacial lakes to help those in danger.

Millions Are at Risk of Flooding Due to Climate Change – But Not Where You'd Think : ScienceAlert

Areas with populations most at risk from the dangers posed by melting glaciers are those that are the most exposed and vulnerable. Asia, with Pakistan and China being the most dangerous countries, is a prime example of this. The Andes region in Peru is another area of concern, as the number of glacial lakes there has risen by 93% in the past two decades. This study highlights the need for monitoring and managing the threat of glacial lake outburst floods. Learn more about the impacts of climate change and its effects on the world by reading “From Rising Temperatures To Extreme Weather: The 5 Major Effects Of Climate Change.