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6 essential plastic free products

Switching to plastic free products can seem a big ask at first especially when plastic seems to be all around us. With everything seemingly wrapped in plastic from food to everyday household products. The good news is that there are eco-friendly brands with aims of reducing the amount of plastic you bring home with you.

6 Plastic free products

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All the six products on the list are trending eco-friendly products that include some traditional staples. Whether you just want to put an end to your plastic bag habit, find new ways to reduce your environmental footprint, these are the six plastic-free products you should buy now.

1. Plastic free deodorant

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How do you choose a plastic free deodorant? This is a common question when explaining the journey to living plastic free. With all the toxic chemicals and parabens, it seemed like it would be better for my health and for the environment to avoid the costly and excessive plastic deodorant market.

When the average American throws away 292 pounds of their deodorant each year, our planet is literally feeling the effects. Fortunately, there is a choice for those seeking to up their overall environmental game and helping towards a zero waste lifestyle.

2. Reusable grocery bags

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Every day, shoppers have a choice about what’s inside their shopping bag. It’s a choice that leads to a huge amount of waste in our cities and in our oceans. These reusable grocery bags can help reduce this waste by eliminating the need for plastic packaging.

A lot of people aren’t aware of just how much plastic is wasted when they go shopping. But, there are now eco friendly product alternatives that are essential for a great eco household to reduce or even eliminate plastic shopping waste.

3. Package-free haircare

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Haircare companies are contributing to one of the fastest growing areas of plastic waste. The waste stands at 6.3 billion pounds per year, with scissors, comb attachments, cosmetics, and promotional cosmetics are all contributing to the problem.

Recently, there has been a worldwide momentum to stop using plastic and use locally sourced and renewable materials. Companies like Plaine Products and Public goods show sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging.

For a more sustainable future, some companies are promoting a new ways to care for hair. It’s called ‘product-free hair care.

4. Reusable water bottles

Ever worry about the amount of plastic you’re wasting? The average person throws away 1.7 pounds of plastic per week! Then you might be interested in reusable water bottles that are designed to reduce  the amount of plastic waste our oceans and plastic pollution that’s being generated.

There are now many types of reusable water bottles, from those that keep water cold all day to those that feature a metal and glass design to resist the elements and capture and concentrate liquids.

Super Sparrow bottles offer safety and sustainability for those who are always on the move towards greatness. Rather than a simple moment of thirst, when you drink out of a Super Sparrow bottle, you’ll unwrap the impact of saving the planet from unnecessary waste. 

5. Reusable and plastic-free food storage

plastic free products - food storage

Food waste is becoming an environmental disaster. Our society is big on convenience, embracing disposables to make everything easier. And everything is easier with no tracking or thought for the environment.

Today, much of our food comes wrapped in plastic. With a disposable food packaging industry worth more than $75 billion a year, it’s a global issue that needs to be addressed. Thankfully, as more ideas for a zero-waste future hit the market, consumers are finding more personal and practical ways to avoid the plastic pollution.

ECOlunchbox is a mission-based certified B Corp and California Green Business enterprise that uses the capitalist engine to educate and empower people to reduce their dependence on plastics. We design, build and bring to market tools for change at lunchtime. ECOlunchbox is part of the plastic pollution solution.

6. Waste-free skincare accessories

Plastic pollution is becoming a higher priority for many individuals and groups across the world. With the proliferation of accessible skincare accessories that are plastic-free, reducing plastic may become much easier for people to understand and begin to implement into their life’s.

A packaging revolution is needed in the cosmetic industry. According to new research, conducted by the academic journal Organic Materials, found that 95% of 627 personal care products used in the UK contained plastic ingredients in some form and with studies in other countries coming up with similar results, action is well and truly needed.



Living an eco-friendly lifestyle may require giving up some conveniences, but it is worth it in the long run. One way to do this is by finding plastic-free alternatives and reducing the amount of plastic in your life. This can help create a zero waste and more sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, this lifestyle can also have benefits for your health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in finding more ways to live an environmentally friendly life, check out this link for some easy tips: 9 Easy Ways To Go Green Every Day.