This solar-powered EV is a world-record-breaking speed machine*

Solar-Powered Sunswift 7 Sets New World Record for EV Speed and Distance

A group of Australian university students has built a solar-powered car that has set a new world record for electric vehicles (EVs) by traveling over 1,000km (about 620 miles) without stopping to recharge. The Sunswift 7 has been confirmed and recognized by the Guinness Book of Records for achieving an average speed of 84.25km/h, or about 52mph. This is the first time an EV has traveled over 1,000km without stopping to recharge and completed the journey in under 12 hours.

Developed under the guidance of ex-Red Bull F1 head of operations, Richard Hopkins, and supported by companies such as Audi, IBM, and Bilstein, the Sunswift 7 is a one-off, carbon-fiber-bodied speed machine. Its drag coefficient of just 0.095Cd and the 38kWh battery capacity allows it to travel up to 1,500km (932 miles) without recharging.

Designed for the World Solar Challenge, a biennial race from Darwin to Adelaide that covers more than 1,800 miles by solar power alone, the Sunswift 7 has a custom-made suspension by Bilstein’s Australian arm, which is light enough to prevent any weight penalty to the 500kg car. This suspension was also precisely tuned to maintain the optimal ride height for aerodynamic efficiency.

The hand-laid carbon-fiber bodywork is the work of McConaghy Boats, which built the Wild Oats XI, one of the most successful racing yachts of all time, and James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger. This car’s complex engineering and attention to detail resulted in a final price tag north of £500,000.

Although this record was set around the ‘Highway Circuit’ at the Australian Automotive Research Centre proving grounds in Victoria, the Sunswift 7’s capabilities have been recognized for its impressive performance in various conditions. The car was designed to tackle the harsh Australian outback highways during the World Solar Challenge, which includes driving over cattle grids and pot holes.

The Sunswift 7 is an impressive solar-powered speed machine that has set a new benchmark for EVs’ speed and distance capabilities. Its unique engineering and attention to detail have made it an outstanding achievement for the University of New South Wales students who developed it. This car is a testament to the possibilities of solar energy and sustainable transport solutions that can be implemented in the future.