Support the global plastic treaty

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Plastic pollution has become a major global problem over the last 30 years, and it requires collective action to solve. Plastic is now ubiquitous in our homes, schools, workplaces, and natural spaces. Currently, only 9% of plastic consumed is being recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills or the environment. Plastic’s chemical composition makes it resistant to decomposition, leading to a build-up of pollution and causing harm to our planet and human health. If we continue to use plastic at our current rate, the consequences for our planet will be dire.

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing humans, animals, and ecosystems around the world. Micro-plastics are found everywhere, from mountaintops to the deepest oceans, and even inside our bodies. Unfortunately, addressing this crisis is beyond the ability of any single country, and despite a growing global consensus, there have been no multilateral efforts to combat this issue until now.

The UNEP has just completed the first negotiation committee (INC-1) to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment, in Punta del Este, Uruguay on December 2, 2022. INC-1 has set up the framework for a Global Plastics Treaty and established a plan for its completion by the end of 2024. We call on governments to take action now and not be held up by bureaucracy.

We, the undersigned, call on the leaders of governments, with the support of our communities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations, to sign the Global Plastics Treaty. We urge them to commit to:

  • Negotiating a new legally binding global instrument on plastic pollution, including measures along the entire life cycle of plastic
  • Promoting a circular economy action plan and banning single-use plastic
  • Establishing National Action Plans to prevent litter/plastics from entering our rivers and oceans
  • Enhancing investment planning and stimulating innovation to prevent plastic from entering any ecosystem

The continued destruction of our planet is no longer acceptable. As a global society, we have already passed the harmful tipping point. From now on, we demand a different future, one free of plastic in our food, water, and the air we breathe.