Tell Business: Stop Deforestation

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Every year, the world loses an area of forest equivalent to the size of Iceland. Over half of the world’s tropical forests have been destroyed since the 1960s. In 2019, an area of primary rainforest the size of a soccer field was lost every six seconds. The main causes of this ecological crisis are cattle ranching, agriculture, mining, and oil drilling.

Forests are more than just trees; they are essential to our survival. They provide us with clean air and water, food, and medicine. They also play a critical role in combatting climate change, as deforestation accounts for 10% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Reforestation can help reduce global warming and protect the habitats of countless plants and animals.

On the International Day of Forests, we must remember the importance of these natural resources and take action to protect them. We urge you to join us in calling on businesses to adopt sustainable practices that do not harm trees or cause deforestation. Together, we can ensure that future generations can benefit from the many gifts of the forest.

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With the ongoing impacts of climate change and deforestation becoming increasingly clear, we urge businesses worldwide to prioritize sustainability in their daily operations and supply chains. The devastating effects of industry on the world’s forests have led to the loss of an area of forest equivalent to the size of Iceland each year.

It is crucial that businesses take forest conservation seriously and actively work to replenish the natural resources that have been depleted. It’s time for businesses to take responsibility and play their part in protecting our planet’s forests.