Biden And Sunak — The Energy Policy Odd Couple

Two Leaders, Two Confusing Energy Policies: Biden and Sunak’s Energy Inconsistency

The inconsistent and self-contradictory energy policies of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Biden may seem surprising, but recent events have shown this to be a common characteristic between the two leaders.

Biden’s early ban on new federal land drilling leases led to higher gasoline prices, but he later criticized energy companies for the high price of oil.

Now, the administration is considering a ban on gas cookers, citing toxic pollutants.

However, switching to electricity as an alternative could increase pollution as 38% of electricity in the US is generated by natural gas and 22% by coal, which is considered to be more toxic.

Sunak’s energy policies are similarly inconsistent. While he reinstated a fracking ban in the UK, he also agreed to import more natural gas from the US, much of which was extracted using fracking technology.

The UK government also approved the country’s first coal mine in decades, even as Scotland’s devolved government aims to phase out fossil fuels for environmental reasons.

The prime minister’s stance on Scotland’s oil and gas industry is also conflicting, as he aims to protect the industry while also concerned about the environment.

Both leaders seem to be implementing ad hoc policies without considering the consequences and long-term effects, leading to a confusing and backward energy approach that undermines the efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future.