Plastic industry knew recycling was a farce for decades yet deceived the public, report reveals

Unveiling the Plastic Deception: Industry Knew Recycling Was a Sham for Decades

Plastic producers must be held accountable for the environmental havoc they’ve caused through decades of deception, as a groundbreaking report

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How to Build a DIY Solar Panel

How to Harness Solar Magic: A DIY Guide to Building Your Own Solar Panel

Solar energy is nothing short of magic. Placing a hefty panel in the sun seemingly conjures electricity out of thin air, providing a sustainable and

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Lab-grown diamonds come with sparkling price tags, but many have cloudy sustainability claims

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Balancing Sparkling Price Tags with Cloudy Sustainability Claims

In the heart of Philadelphia, Bario Neal resonates with the delicate sounds of crafting jewelry. Haley Farlow, a conscious 28-year-old teacher,

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Zombie Fires: A Growing Threat Under Canada’s Winter Blanket

In the icy heart of Canada’s winter, the remnants of the previous wildfire season are quietly smoldering. Termed “zombie fires,”

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The Amazon has survived changes in the climate for 65 million years. Now it’s heading for collapse, a study says

Revitalizing the Amazon: Unraveling the Impending Crisis

The Amazon rainforest, a resilient force against climate changes for 65 million years, is now teetering on the edge of collapse. A recent study warns

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Greenland ice sheet is melting, turning the country green again

Greenland’s Transformation: From Ice Sheets to Lush Greenery

Greenland, long synonymous with icy landscapes, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The once pristine ice sheets are rapidly melting,

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